About Us

PCS was established by Dr. John B. Kelley, Psy D. and Jennifer Kelley, M.A., who together bring over thirty years of experience, specializing in treating students diagnosed within the Autism spectrum. Their mission is to provide the best possible education in a humanistic and therapeutic setting.

PCS provides a high quality education to special education students grades K-12, in a therapuetic environment. The structured program follows the California State Frameworks and Common Core Curriculum, utilizing behavior modification and social skills training to achieve the student's' highest potential. Trained staff utilize the principles of ABA, Discrete Trail Training, sensory integration, and language acquisition techniques to foster growth and to design individualized programs for each student.

PCS provides 200 days of academic, social skills training, prevocational training, occupational therapy, behavioral intervention, and speech and language services, along with pupil and parent counseling. The ultimate goal is a transition into the least restrictive learning environment through creating individualized educational plans, therapeutic goals, and monitoring students' progress closely. Along with educational goals, staff focus on the student's social well-being and transition into life after graduation. This is achieved through a continual focus on the students' functioning levels by developing positive behavioral outcomes.