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School for Autistic and Special Needs Children Los Angeles



PCS #1 is a non-public school grades K-12, located in Los Angeles, certified by the State of California, Department of Education to provide basic education, counseling, speech and language, and behavior intervention services to special education students in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

PCS #1 serves non-public school students, specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger's Syndrome. We also serve students diagnosed with Intellectual Disability, Emotional Disturbance, and Severely Handicapped.

The structured non-public school education program follows the California State Frameworks Curriculum, utilizing behavior modification and social skills training to achieve a student's highest potential. The program provides 200 days of full academic, social, prevocational, vocational training, speech and language, occupational therapy along with counseling. Each classroom is a structured learning environment utilizing behavior modification and positive reinforcement schedules to manage counterproductive behaviors to .

Programs / Services

Autistic Children

PCS is a non-public school specializing in providing rich educational opportunities for autistic children in the classroom and in the community. The autism program is designed around the student's individual academic, emotional, and behavioral needs, lessening the factors that may impede the student's academic and social success outside of the non-public school environment. Read more »

Children with Intellectual Disabilities

PCS is a school that also specializes in building the adaptive learning skills of children with intellectual disabilities. PCS provides opportunities to build on student's strengths and interests, rather than focus on deficits. PCS staff believe all students can learn and reach his or her full potential with encouragement and working on the student's timeline.Read more »

Behavior Modification

PCS trains all staff in evidence-based practices and strategies of Applied Behavioral Analysis to address student behavior and improve quality of life across environments. Staff is trained to use positive reinforcement methodology and interventions to increase learner outcomes.. Read more »

Transition Services

Transition describes the process by which a student moves from school to adult life in the community. Transition goals include employment, post-secondary education/training, adult life outcomes, and community participation. Read more »

Counseling Services

On-site counseling is available by licensed clinical and school psychologists and MFT throughout the school day as per the IEP requirements and as needed. Individual. Read more »

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists at PCS build a comprehensive repertoire of sensory activities to integrate into daily academic activities, assisting students to access the curriculum, address challenging behaviors, and increase gross and fine motor skills. Read more »


I felt very warm and accepted at your school. I am glad there is a place in the world that students can be so accepted and loved.

Brandon E. Gamble / School Psychologist


"PCS, not just a school, but Family! Dedicated to their kids with Love and Support!"
Andrea Ancich



Jennifer Kelley

Site Administrator and Co-founder of PCS #1, has taught students with a wide range of challenges such as Emotional Disturbance... Read more »